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Transcend by Evolvere

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Experience the transformation of sleep with TRANSCEND. Our natural night-time sleep aid is designed to enhance your sleep quality, helping you slumber deeper, for longer, and wake up feeling rejuvenated—without any next-morning grogginess.

Superior Sleep Quality

Supports enhanced sleep for a restful night.

Nightly Renewal

Promotes mind-body cell renewal for optimal daytime performance.

Natural Ingredients

Harnessing the power of creatine, melatonin and other research-backed nutrients.

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Evidence-Based Sleep Super Ingredients.
Maximized for bioavailability.
Free from fillers, sugar, dairy, and gluten.
Non-habit forming.
Made in USA.

No Added Sugar

No Gluten

No Dairy

Designed with the high achiever’s lifestyle in mind.


Neal’s Story

I was addicted to meds.

Pounding headaches, rebound anxiety, dependence and - in my case - a seizure are all potential side effects of sleep medications.

You see, I was prescribed sleep meds. 

And while it worked in the beginning, it also led me down a dark spiral that ended in an ICU. 

As a busy business owner, I couldn't keep going this way. I had people to serve. Goals to achieve. Employees to care for.

But I also couldn't afford to be sleep-deprived either.

That's why I made TRANSCEND.

So that high-achievers like you and I can finally get the restful sleep we so deeply need.

So we can show up the way our visions need us to.

Because we both know:

Your future self. Your loved ones. Your dreams.

They’re all relying on the best version of you showing up every day, with consistency and relentlessness.

To transcend your life and step into your greatest self, you must first transcend your sleep.

Revolutionize Your Sleep,
Revolutionize Your Life

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Combat the 40% drop in calorie burning caused by poor sleep.

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Embrace calmness and mental clarity.

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Say goodbye to bloating and discomfort.

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Supercharge your daily energy levels.

Evidence-based Sleep Benefits


This is the phase of sleep responsible for memory consolidation and emotional processing. Heal your traumas from the day before. 


Transcend has a carefully selected mix of ingredients that lower cortisol which is the stress hormone, so that your brain can shut off, and you can drift to sleep. 


Creatine & Electrolyte blend helps you recover your body and brain, so you can feel super charged for your workouts the next day as well as feel mentally sharp.


Go to sleep feeling happier and healthier.

As an insomniac, I can't believe this hasn't let me down since…

"For as long as I can remember, I was the poster child for tossing and turning and sleepless nights... but ONE scoop of TRANSCEND before bed, and I'm literally zonked into a deep slumber.

Most importantly I just feel at 100% every morning now. I'm now relying on LESS caffeine... I no longer take afternoon naps and am getting on top of my career again.

This didn't save my sleep. It saved my life." 

Unmatched Sleep Quality, Unrivaled Ingredients

Transcend stands out with its premium, research-driven ingredients, meticulously crafted for unmatched sleep enhancement. Our formula is rigorously developed to the highest standards, ensuring you get the best sleep, night after night.





Easy as one scoop per night. 

Consume 30 minutes to an hour before bed for best results.

Ingredients & Benefits

Transcend is a research-backed blend of natural nutrients with low-dose melatonin. Designed to promote deep, restful sleep for peak next-day performance.


  1. Improves sleep onset, duration and quality.
  2. Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.
  3. Supports healthy brain aging and have neuroprotective effects.


  1. Improves focus and memory.
  2. Reduces stress and improves mood.
  3. Supports healthy brain aging and have neuroprotective effects.


  1. Improves sleep onset, duration and quality.
  2. Synchronizes circadian rhythm.
  3. Extends REM sleep time.

Pure, Potent Ingredients

Every scoop of Transcend is filled with high-quality, research-supported ingredients. Absolutely no unnecessary fillers – just pure sleep-enhancing power.

Transparent and Trustworthy

We show you exactly what’s in Transcend. No hidden doses or secret blends. You know and trust what you're taking.

Bioavailability at its Best

Our ingredients are optimized for maximum absorption, ensuring every nutrient is fully utilized by your body for optimal sleep benefits.

Sleep better, wake up energized, and face the day with Transcend.

Unlock the Secret to Uninterrupted Sleep with Transcend.

For The Curious...


See why thousands of customers trust TRANSCEND

The real MVP of sleep aids

I was skeptical at first, but Transcend is the real MVP of sleep aids! It's not just about a better night's sleep, it's the whole experience. Like, I’m loving the peach mango flavor, and I wake up so refreshed without the usual sleep aid hangover.  

Holly T.

Finally able to catch some Zs

So I found this sleep-aid, transcend. First of all, the peach mango flavor is a game changer. It's been helping me catch some serious z's and my REM sleep has never been better. Plus, no weird side effects! It's a winner in my book.     

Mark V.

My dreams are so vivid

Seriously, whoever invented Transcend deserves a medal. The peach mango flavor is like a tropical getaway right before bed, and my dreams? Let's just say they've never been more vivid. Side effects? Zero, zip, nada. My REM sleep? Off the charts.  

Wendy A.

I've added this to all my clients' fitness plans...

"As a competitive bodybuilder, fitness coach of 100s of clients, and COO of a fast-growing company, I NEED to be optimized at all times. I recognize the importance of sleep but sometimes have trouble with it. That is, until I found Transcend. 

This has been a staple for my sleep, and I've added it to all of my clients’ fitness plans as well. You can't go wrong."  

Mark V.

This is my go-to for sleep...

"Transcend was INCREDIBLE. As someone with insomnia, I was honestly quite defeated. TRIED everything. Transcend was the only supplement that helped me stay asleep, get a DEEEEEEP restful sleep, and wake up not feeling groggy. 

Sleep medications worked in the short term and did knock me out, but I'd either wake up 3 hours later wired, or wake up in the morning feeling so terrible. Transcend is my go-to for life." 

Naimish T.

Meet Neal Thakkar & Evolvere 

Neal Thakkar is not just the founder and CEO of Evolvere; he's a visionary committed to enhancing life through better sleep.

His journey into creating TRANSCEND began with his own struggle with sleep medications and their debilitating side effects. Fueled by a passion for helping others, especially high-achievers, Neal designed TRANSCEND to be more than a sleep aid—it's a tool to unlock one's fullest potential. His commitment goes beyond business; it's a reflection of his deep-seated belief in the transformative power of a good night’s sleep.