Our Team

Neal Thakkar, CEO

Neal Thakkar, a former collegiate athlete, competitive bodybuilder, NASM/ACE certified personal trainer, and most notably, a hungry student of human optimization, is the CEO and President of Filtered Formulas.  

As a soccer player and bodybuilder, Neal realized the raw potential of supplementation and nutrition. He studied and experimented with any and every supplement until he was able to exponentially enhance his own athletic performance. After he watched the movie Limitless, nothing was the same.

He immediately began researching everything he can about the cognitive enhancements featured in the movie and was inspired. He realized that supplementation, nutrition, and even holistic approaches to hacking the biology of the human could contribute to the advancement of society. He hasn’t stopped learning and sharing since.

Neal founded Filtered Formulas with his partner Ravi Patel to share the Filtered doctrine to as many people as he possibly can. He works relentlessly to create new product offerings and drives the team towards the Filtered vision, values and culture. His commitment led him to double down and begin formulating his own supplement line, Dreamer Formulations, a manifestation of 16 years in the fitness industry.

When Neal is not running around sharing his fascination for his latest research, you’ll find him teaching and mentoring the team, sometimes in a jersey shore accent.

Ravi Patel, Head of Sales and Marketing

Ravi Patel, an NYU Stern School of Business graduate, Mixed Martial Artist, and an entrepreneur himself, is a Partner at Filtered Formulas as the Head of Sales and Marketing.

Ravi reached a tipping point in his career where he had to choose between burning the midnight oil, getting out of his comfort zone and reaching his own definition of success - or settle. After the frustration of reading the mainstream articles, supplements that were scary, and the confusion, he found the solution once he began blowing up Neal’s phone asking for tips, tricks and supplement regiments that actually worked. He knew he had to share what later became Filtered Formulas with the rest of the world.

Using his background in data-driven marketing and strategy, Ravi aims to implement new technology and solutions to make Filtered Formulas an easy to use machine that helps people get the supplements and information they need as quickly and effectively as possible.

When Ravi is not creating flow charts, sketches, or stick figures depicting his latest initiatives, he’s asking Neal to translate words like “Cissus Quadrangularis” and “beta-2 receptors.”

Carly Vanzino, Design/Media Coordinator

Carly Vanzino, a legal assistant, photographer, and video editor, is the Design and Media Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the CEO for Filtered Formulas.

Carly graduated Rutgers University pursuing a career in law and landed a full-time role in a prestigious law firm. All the while, she wanted to explore her growing passion in media and design. Balancing multiple responsibilities, she needed to take steps towards staying focused and on track. Her journey included a relentless commitment to nutrition, particularly Ketosis and the supplementation of exogenous Ketones, the use of some nootropics, regular meditation, an increased commitment to weight training, and of course, a change in mentality.

She now maintains full-time roles at a law firm, Filtered Formulas and has also lost 15 pounds in the process!  Carly communicates Filtered Formulas' mission, personality, and values through aesthetic and clear design.

When she’s not doing gymnastics for the perfect money shot, she’ll be at the gym or enjoying the outdoors.

Anthony Devine, Marketing Consultant

Anthony, a former collegiate athlete, a born competitor, and an avid lover of sports and fitness, is a marketing and sales associate for Filtered Formulas.

When Anthony started his journey towards his weight-loss goals, he was met with stagnation and skepticism. And then he met Neal. He learned to apply relentless discipline, adherence to a strict but strategic diet, the integration of bio-hacks like meditation, cold showers, and more to achieve more than he expected. After losing his 25th pound in two months, he realized that the transformation of human potential is reached only when the mind allows it to get there. Upon Filtered Formulas' birth, he knew he needed to help grow the movement.

Along with a part-time Intern role at a financial firm, Anthony manages all the go-to-market strategies to make sure Filtered is geared up to help people just like him.

When Anthony is not convincing Ravi and Neal of his newest ideas, you’ll see him “acting out” customer experiences. Although he is the youngest member of the team, do not let his age fool you!

Leo Teves, Creative Director

Leo Teves, an artist, photographer, and former soccer player, is the Creative Director for Filtered Formulas.  Leo studied architecture and music at Syracuse University after training under pianist Vladislav Kovalsky at the Monmouth Conservatory of Music.

Leo has worked as a lighting designer and architectural designer for various NYC firms on small apartments, proton accelerators, renovations, and larger construction projects.  After hoping to help people by designing beautiful spaces to live in, however, he found the industry and his work oddly devoid of...helping people.  So he put that on the side for a bit.

While Neal was studying and hacking the biology of the human, Leo began learning about the psychology of the human through his art and photography.  A variety of clients and jobs brought him to the people that inspired him - athletes, local bands, rappers, kids, firebreathers, other artists, entrepreneurs - and in a happy accident of a photoshoot, a meeting at Filtered.  He now dedicates his design skills and experiences to helping you live and feel healthier, physically and mentally.

When not working, Leo can be found meditating, painting, or at yoga class.  He accompanies a choir in his spare time and enjoys airsoft, chess, and passionately supporting bad sports teams.