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POV: You're only using 10% of your brain

If you (or someone close to you) has been struggling with ADHD to where you:

Have to take meds to fix your "broken brain"

Can't focus for more than 30 minutes at a time

Feel crushed by an inability to translate thought into words

Feel locked in your own head

Have to take meds to fix your "broken brain"

Struggle to stay consistent on commitments

You're not alone. Close to 1 in 20 Americans have ADHD, with that number likely being higher as many never get diagnosed.

Most prescriptions don't work.

It's hard enough to function in a neurotypical society that expects you to be focused like a factory robot. But for many who are prescribed medication, the unwanted side effects are even worse.

Headaches and dizziness

Insomnia and sleep difficulties

Anxiety and panic attacks

Fatigue and lethargy

"I had to find an alternative or risk losing my life again."

"At first, the prescriptions were a godsend. It give me insane productivity and I could focus for hours.

But when the withdrawals hit me like a freight train out of nowhere… The panic attacks, anxiety, and jitters dragged me down a spiral that took me 7 years to climb out of.

It got so bad, my girlfriend at the time left me because I was too afraid to see her and and often couldn't get "it" up. Days later, I lost my job for being too terrified to speak to clients.

The thing was, I wasn't particularly shy. But whenever the effects would wear off, my mind would spiral into a jittered state of panic making it impossible to do anything but lie there, waiting for all of it to pass.

But that wasn't even the worst part. Because I became used to my prescribed dosages, I had to take more and more each time to feel effects. As you can likely attest to yourself, the more I took, the worse the withdrawals became.

Right when I thought I hit rock bottom and had nothing more to lose, I overdosed and my world went black.

I had to find an alternative or risk losing my life again."

Neal Thakkar, company CEO with ADHD

"That's why 100,000s with ADHD are taking this naturally-derived pill instead"

Because not only have the ingredients inside been shown to help increase alpha brain waves associated with deep focus...

But 100,000s with ADHD are saying it's the only thing that gets them to sit down for hours at a time and get things done, even when their meds didn't.

Just take a look:

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I'm about to let you in on the biggest hidden secret. I've been taking these nootropics by QUANTUMIND for mental clarity and focus but as it turns out, they come with another side effect. Unexpectedly, they made me a little thirsty and I'm not talking about thirsty for water. So if you're somebody who's looking to boost that area of your life, then I highly recommend trying these nootropics.

Beth W. -USA

Way better than my meds...

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I've taken meds for my ADD when I was in college and this is the best clean supplement you take every single day that enhances your mental creativity, cognition, and everything else that you need to be the best, most successful, positive, healthy, and fit version of yourself so I highly recommend it. Not even making a bold claim here, measure it and it's gonna be ten times at the very least.

Mounir L. -USA

Now I can feel like myself AND get my work done...

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I used to take focus meds in order to keep me focused throughout the day, but it always leaves me feeling jittery. I lost my appetite, I couldn't sleep at night, and so I'm very grateful to have found a product that makes me feel like the best version of myself, without all the negative side effects. QUANTUMIND, thank you so much for letting me feel like a star student while also still feeling like me.

Keri S. -USA

I can now find my words easily in challenging conversations!

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You know that feeling when you're constantly fumbling and you can't find the right words? That happens to me a lot in the morning and I take QUANTUMIND, but it doesn't kick in until about 10 minutes in, and when it kicks in, all of a sudden the words are just flowing off of my tongue. I'm so grateful for that. It works so much better than coffee which just makes me jittery, not make me find words better!


20-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't get back to just feeling like yourself... But 150% yourself.

With science-backed ingredients like:

And the best part?

It doesn't have any side effects and doesn't develop tolerance.

If you have ADHD, you need to try QUANTUMiND

While thousands with ADHD are finding relief with QUANTUMiND, the only way you can tell if it's right for you is by trying it yourself.

That's why on this page, you can try QUANTUMiND risk-free for 20 days on your first order so you can decide if it's right for you.

The guarantee is simple and straightforward: If after 20 days on your first order, you wouldn't run a marathon in the middle of a Texas summer with a wet suit on to get your hands on another bottle, just reach out to our customer service team and we'll gladly refund your order, no questions asked.

You can even keep your bottles.

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QUANTUMiND Gets Better The Longer You Take It

That's why 86% of customers get 6 bottles or more... or sign up for auto-ship. here's what you can expect from taking QUANTUMiND regularly:


3 capsules daily in the morning for focus and long-term brain health

6 capsules throughout the day or before demanding work sessions to improve performance

20-Day Money Back Guarantee

if QUANTUMiND doesn't transform your life or you don't feel the difference within 20 days of purchase, email our support team and we'll give you a complete refund - no questions asked.

You can even keep the bottles (limited to one bottle).


Meenhaz F.

I'm now more productive than ever, more intent with my work, and even hold better conservations with my clients. I feel a steady flow of energy throughout the day and even crash during the afternoon anymore.

Garrett H.

You should definitely try QUANTUMIND. It's my go to for being productive. I continue to purchase more because it works so well, and I've tried several other pre-made stacks.

Joe T.

Some nootropics can mess up with your fasting state - more from mental clarity stand point - this stuff doesn't negatively impact me and I feel an ever bigger influence of non eating period.

Keldon T.

It increases focus, energy (no jitters), mood and helps tremendously with multi-tasking. I've tried many other pre-stacked nontropic supplements, however this has to got to be the most effective one yet!

Kendra K.

Tried it today and it helped with focus and gave me a clean boost of energy without feeling jittery. Felt more productive and uplifted today. Thanks again!