Top Silicon Valley Executives Are Using This Proprietary Combination

To increase their focus more than Adderall and their creativity more than Psychedelics…

And the effects of this combination create positive long-term brain health benefits.

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You’re an entrepreneur - which means you’re a visionary genius.

You bring stuff to the world that doesn’t currently exist. 

Along with this unique, brilliant, creative, and quirky brain of yours, there of course is a dark side.  

Did you know that entrepreneurs are two times more likely to struggle with depression than the normal person?

Did you know that entrepreneurs are six times more likely to struggle with ADHD? 

Don’t even get me started on addiction…


And Bipolar? 

ELEVEN times more likely. 

And although most founders wear their mental health conditions like a badge of honor, you are suffering, and you don’t deserve it.

Do you really believe someone as noble and honorable as you should constantly feel like everything is crumbling? 

Do you truly believe that you deserve to be CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED because of your ADHD?
Do you really think that it’s ideal for you to be subjected to the grips of ADDDICTION?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT, and you don’t have to be. 

Why accept constant chaos when you deserve a life filled with stability and success?

Why let distractions rob you of precious time and potential when you have the power to reclaim focus and productivity?

Why stick to a life of struggle when you can achieve freedom and harmony effortlessly?

You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

My name is Neal…

And this is why I created Evolvere. 

To help people bridge the gap between WHO they are, and WHO they wish to be, leading with the MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN. 

The brain. 

I knew that creating Nootropics, or brain supplements alone was not enough, but I also knew that they are an absolutely integral part of creating a Neuro Transformation. 

That’s where QUANTUMSync was born. 

QUANTUMSync is a groundbreaking synergy designed explicitly for entrepreneurs and high-achievers who seek to push their cognitive abilities beyond limits. 

It combines the unmatched potential of QUANTUMiND Gold, the pinnacle of natural nootropics, with the transformative power of NeuroSync Mastermind Hypnosis.

QUANTUMSync addresses the unique challenges faced by visionaries like you:

Hyper-Focused Creativity:

Entrepreneurs require not just focus but a unique blend that enhances creativity. QUANTUMiND Gold is meticulously crafted to provide clean energy without the drawbacks, unlocking unparalleled focus. Paired with NeuroSync's 9D Hypnosis, your mind will explore new realms of creative thinking, surpassing even the effects of traditional psychedelics.

Stress Resilience:

Entrepreneurial pursuits often come with stress. QUANTUMiND Gold, with its natural nootropics, fosters a calm and focused mindset. NeuroSync's multi-dimensional sound and brainwave entrainment further enhance stress resilience, ensuring you navigate challenges with ease.

Identity Transformation:

Entrepreneurs require not just focus but a unique blend that enhances creativity. QUANTUMiND Gold is meticulously crafted to provide clean energy without the drawbacks, unlocking unparalleled focus. Paired with NeuroSync's 9D Hypnosis, your mind will explore new realms of creative thinking, surpassing even the effects of traditional psychedelics.

You see, QUANTUMiND Gold is the absolute BEST DAMN nootropic blend on the market.









Verbal Fluency


Brain Health

On its own, QUANTUMiND Gold is absolute fire, and you can get it here if you really insist on buying it on its own:


I’m all about EXPONENTIAL gains and I know you are too. 

No scratch that…

I’m all about LOGARITHMIC gains…

I’m talking about 1+1 = 100

That’s where NeuroSync, our FLAGSHIP product comes into play. 

This is a proprietary style of hypnosis that is more than an auditory experience—it's a gateway to your inner potential. 

By leveraging 9D Hypnosis, NeuroSync goes beyond conventional approaches, offering a holistic transformation experience.

This innovative hypnosis methodology is infused with:

Multi-Dimensional Sound

Dive into a soundscape that stimulates every corner of your mind.

Binaural Beats

Unlock deeper states of consciousness with auditory illusions.

Brainwave Entrainment

Tune your brain to the frequency of success and tranquility.

Active Coaching

Receive actionable insights to apply in your personal and professional life.

Guided Breathwork

Utilize breath to create altered physiological states to increase the connection between the subconscious and conscious mind

Subliminal Messaging and Affirmations

Receive positive messages while the subconscious mind is receptive to illicit permanent change in the psyche.

It's an unparalleled journey that dismantles mental barriers, reshapes thought patterns, and unleashes your full potential. 

When incorporated into your daily routine alongside QUANTUMiND Gold, you're not just enhancing cognitive performance; you're revolutionizing your entire neurochemistry for sustained success and well-being.

QUANTUMSync Uses Cutting-Edge Technology Rooted In The Principles of Neuroscience:

Innovative Weekly 9D Hypnosis:

Immerse yourself in transformative hypnosis sessions each week, tailored to unlock new dimensions of your potential.

Dynamic High-Achiever Community:

Engage with a supportive network, sharing mutual growth and inspiration as you embark on your NeuroSync Mastermind journey.

Expert Neuroscience Moderation:

Benefit from the guidance of neuroscience professionals, ensuring a safe and effective experience tailored to your unique needs.

Exclusive Supplement Discounts:

Access specially formulated supplements at reduced prices, complementing your NeuroSync Mastermind journey for holistic well-being.

Flexibly Designed for Your Schedule:

Seamlessly integrate NeuroSync Mastermind into your busy life. With just 20 minutes a day, you'll experience profound shifts in your subconscious mind.

Interactive Live Sessions:

Participate in live hypnosis and group calls, fostering deeper engagement and connection with like-minded high achievers.

Revolutionary Approach for Comprehensive Growth:

NeuroSync Mastermind goes beyond traditional methods, integrating active coaching, revitalizing breathwork, neurological balance through binaural beats, immersive surround sound music, deep hypnosis techniques, and empowering affirmations.

Don’t believe how innovative it is?

Listen here, with headphones:





Once again, here is the opportunity to get NeuroSync Mastermind on its own…

But why not experience the magic of the synergy?

Together, the consistent consumption of QUANTUMiND Gold along with a daily listen of NeuroSync Hypnosis, will create MASSIVE changes in your brain chemistry, to create massive changes in your identity. 

Meaning, that when you take QUANTUMiND Gold, feel a mental sharpness that cannot be matched, and combine it with the mind-expanding nature of a NeuroSync style hypnosis, the ability for your brain to change positively goes up. 

Here’s the protocol: 

  1. Take QUANTUMiND Gold in the morning. 

  2. Listen to your daily NeuroSync Hypnosis, 30 minutes later 

  3. Open your eyes, and CRUSH the day. 

  4. Experience:

    a. UNMATCHED levels of focus, even greater than that of Adderall.

    b. Insane creativity, even more than microdoses of psychedelics.

    c. Calmness throughout the day.

    d. The ability to seamlessly push through resistance.

    e. A Lamborghini magically appearing on your driveway (just kidding)

Introducing QUANTUMSync.

This revolutionary solution is tailor-made for visionaries like you, combining the power of NeuroSync Mastermind Hypnosis and QUANTUMiND Gold..

What is QUANTUMiND Gold?

Clean Energy Without the Cost:

Unlike medications like Adderall, QUANTUMiND offers clean energy without the side effects. Thousands testify that it's better than anything else they've tried.

Natural Nootropics for Cognitive Performance:

QUANTUMiND is the only natural brain supplement with all 12 most researched brain-boosting ingredients at adequate dosages, enhancing focus, mood, and cognitive flexibility.

Advanced Formulation:

QUANTUMiND Gold is the only brain formula on the market to contain Hordenine, Phosphatidylserine, and Aniracetam. These are three nootropics used by military units to increase focus, mental endurance, and memory recall in stressful situations.

What is Neurosync Hypnosis? 

The most Revolutionary Healing Modality known to man…

Imagine stepping into a world where your deepest transformations are not just possible, but inevitable. That's the power of Neurosync Hypnosis. It's not your typical hypnosis; it's an extraordinary journey I've designed, combining multi-dimensional sound, brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, active coaching, guided breathwork, and 8D audio.

This unique blend creates a synchronized harmony of body and mind, penetrating deep into your subconscious.

It doesn't just bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious; it shatters old patterns, fears, and doubts that have held you back for years.

The fusion of advanced science with innovative techniques elevates Neurosync Hypnosis beyond traditional methods. 

This is your path to personal evolution, a journey far more immersive and impactful than anything you've ever experienced. 

The Synergy of QUANTUMSync

When NeuroSync Mastermind Hypnosis and QUANTUMiND synergize, the results are unparalleled. 

Imagine unlocking your entrepreneurial genius while experiencing clean energy, heightened focus, and a profound sense of well-being.

Imagine you, as a visionary entrepreneur, immersed in a state of hyper-focused creativity, navigating stress with ease, and undergoing a positive identity transformation. 

This is the promise of QUANTUMSync—a path to not just surviving but thriving in the demanding landscape of entrepreneurial pursuits.

What’s Included in QUANTUMSync?

Weekly 9D Hypnosis Tracks:

Every week, you'll receive a powerful and proprietary 9D Hypnosis track tailored for entrepreneurs. These tracks are meticulously crafted to stimulate your mind, combining multi-dimensional sound, brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, and more. Immerse yourself in these transformative sessions for 15 - 20 minutes during your morning routine, setting the stage for a day filled with focus, creativity, and positive energy.

New QUANTUMiND Gold Bottle Every 20 Days:

As part of your QUANTUMSync subscription, you'll receive a fresh supply of QUANTUMiND Gold every 20 days. This natural nootropic blend is designed to provide clean energy, enhance cognitive performance, and foster stress resilience. With key ingredients like Hordenine, Phosphatidylserine, and Aniracetam, QUANTUMiND Gold is your daily companion for mental sharpness and endurance.

Community of High Achievers:

Join a thriving community of like-minded high achievers on the same transformative journey. As you and your peers listen to the weekly hypnosis tracks and experience the benefits of QUANTUMiND Gold, you'll be part of a collective energy shift. Share insights, support one another, and witness the power of a community dedicated to elevating frequencies and achieving new levels of success.

Collective Transformations:

Through the collective transformations within the QUANTUMSync community, you'll find inspiration and motivation. As each member experiences their unique journey, the shared energy amplifies the positive effects of the program. Tap into the collective wisdom and energy of the community to fuel your own growth and evolution.

Step into a New Way of Living and Creating:

In just one month, you'll notice radical shifts in your subconscious mind. The hypnotic process, coupled with the power of QUANTUMiND Gold, will guide you towards a new way of living and creating. Experience a life where your desires effortlessly flow to you, and even your wildest dreams become inevitable.

What’s Included in QUANTUMSync?

What’s Included in QUANTUMSync?

  remaining for this 40% discount




Just $39/month. Billed monthly, cancel anytime.

*VAT charges might apply as per the billing address.

  • Depression: 30% ompared to 15% and 16.6 (APA)

  • ADHD: 29% compared to 5% and 4.4% (NIMH)

  • Addiction: 12% compared to 4% and 8.4% (SAMHSA)

Bipolar diagnosis: 11% compared to 1% and 4.4% (NIMH)