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I tried the real-life limitless pill

“When I tell you this turned my brain, metabolism and ‘drive’ on like nothing I have ever tried… It’s because people noticed. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s how you can get a full refund (and keep the bottles) if you disagree.”

Olivia Helley 

I am a writer, mother to two wonderful

boys, and married to my college sweetheart. 

Jan 6 - 2 minutes read  

If you’ve heard of the movie “Limitless” featuring Bradley Cooper…

Then you probably couldn’t help but wish there was a real-life NZT-48 pill you could pop to immediately…

✅ See through the matrix (and your partner’s mind)

✅ Forsee the future (and how you’ll die so you can run the other way… ha)

✅ Dodge bullets (just in case)

✅ Win the lottery (and hide it from your husband)

I totally get you… So do I! 

The bad news? This level of tech is likely a stretch for our human resources at this time… (or only available to the illuminati for all I know) 

The good news? I may have found the closest thing to the real life limitless pill… 

Because I kid you not, from the very first time I took it… 

It felt like my mind, metabolism and “drive” had been turned “on”... At once.

Literally from just 3 caps on the first morning… 

1. I was laser-focused for hours at a time… when my record was something like 12 minutes.

It was legit like procrastination and “low motivation” were no longer part of my vocabulary. 

I was so productive in fact, that my boss even called me into his office to ask what I was taking. Lol.

It wasn’t an Adderall like “tunnel vision” experience though. I felt both focused and grounded… And I don’t remember the last time those feelings both came together. 

2. My energy was through the rough … It was as if every cell in body was tingling with a newfound aliveness my body hadn’t felt in years.

And a huge plus: I didn’t feel the slightest bit hungry until the effects worth off in the late afternoon… It was so liberating not to have to think about food for once. 

I later found out this was because it had key ingredients like shilajit and alpha GPC which have proven metabolism-boosting effects, but in the moment I felt like was on fire.  

Update: this has been 60 days since taking this every day and I don’t know if it’s the only reason why, but I am down the easiest 16 pounds I have ever lost. Best of all, I don’t feel like I’m starving myself or forcing myself in the gym. These are seriously great. 

3. I became more thirsty than I had in years…

And the best part of all: while this was totally unexpected, I became more thirsty than I had in years… And I don’t mean thirsty for water. 

I can’t elaborate too much on this because I don’t want to be cancelled by the big brothers at Facebook… But when I tell you that I kept my husband up all night and he didn’t complain about it… Yeah. I don’t think I need to say more.

Sure, I couldn’t see through walls… 

But if you’re someone like me who’s trying to grow their business, keep their family well fed and happy and serve their community, this was more than I could ever ask for…

Especially from an over-the-counter supplement you can buy online

And keep in mind…  

I had spend thousands on supplements for my ‘shot’ metabolism, brain fog and “less than desirable” drive. Nothing had ever come close to this. 

From Alpha brain, to Truebrain, to Thesis… You name it - I had tried them all. 

But after high hopes and even more dough spent on these so-called best sellers… I was either left with no effect whatsoever, or even worse - debilitating cramps, tummy aches and jitters followed by a crash that put out for the rest of the day. 

I’m sure you could understand how I didn’t believe this new supplement I had found - the only one that had ever worked until now - was actually legal.

But when I went to their site to find out what in the world was in there to leave such acutely noticeable effects… It all made sense. 

This is literally the only supplement on the market with 14 peer-reviewed ingredients shown to turn on your metabolism, cognition and “thirst”.

Learn More

And because Harvard, Cornell and other top institutions had published those articles… they were good enough for me. 

But what blew me away even more? The thousands of positive reviews that confirmed my experience. I’ll put a few here so you can see for yourself:

Works so well I quit my ADHD meds...

Verified Purchase

Can we just talk about how two pills in the morning gets my ADHD a** moving and KEEPS me energized and focused until mid-afternoon?!!? You are SAVING my life!!!

Nicole Roberts - FL, USA

Wow... No side effects but feel amazing...

Verified Purchase

It's hard to believe these are legal... But they are 100% legit lol. It's hard to describe the feeling if you haven't taken them yet, but it's like I'm not tired or wired. Just grounded but alive and can finally focus. I feel like a whole new man. Even my wife notices and I don't think she minds. Highly recommend.

Paul Felrin - NY, USA

Holly cow this turns me on...

Verified Purchase

I didn't believe the claims until I tried it myself.... Wow, this works. I feel like a million bucks. Undistracted. High energy. Confident. Sexy. What more can I ask for??? This is a godsend for a mom of 2 with a demanding husband.

Jennifer Howrak - NJ, USA

I love that this suppresses my appetite but doesn't leave me jittery...

Verified Purchase

I've been struggling with debilitating cravings for as long as I can remember. Up until I've tried these, there wasn't a day that went by where I didn't pace 50 times for a "quick" snack in the kitchen... While I was supposed to be working. 2-3 capsules a day of these and I don't even think about it. Will buy again.

Sarah Turin - CA, USA

See More Reviews

Now while I haven’t been back to the site in while because I was happy to put my orders on auto-pay so I get them every month… 

If I remember correctly they’ll even give you a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

I’m sure you can attest to this: as a consumer, it’s always a relief when a company is willing to put their money where their mouth is. 

And when I had a small issue with my shipping number… Their customer service team answered within the hour and gave me a 25% off coupon for the trouble. Legit one of the best experiences with an online company I’ve had. 

Anyways, you know me. When I find a product I can back, I can go on for AGES. 

But at this point, it’s not about me but about YOUR LIFE. 

And because you’re part of my loyal community, I so deeply want you to succeed and feel the same effects I did in such a short amount of time.

As a thank you for reading this post, I was able to pass on a pretty sweet deal that allows to get 2 FREE bottles when you get a pack of 4 + FREE shipping

This is seriously the BEST purchase I have made in my health last year in 2022. Hands down. 

Not only did I get my ability to focus back… My metabolism… My “thirst” and drive… But all three at the same time. 

And if this article can help even one person to give this a try and notice how quickly your metabolism, drive and focus can improve… Then I will have felt that I’ve done my job. 

And please don’t forget to let me know how it works for you!

Real-life NZT-48? Decide Yourself

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