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ADHD relief: Is this really the withdrawal-free version of the real thing? 

Hundreds of thousands with ADHD are now using this all-natural hyper-focus formula that doesn’t have side effects

New research-backed supplement for ADHD

No tolerance building. No side effects. All-day relief and focus for ADHD.

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30-Day Trial Still Available

If you or someone close to you has ADHD, then you know about the debilitating side effects of long-term prescription use. 

 ✔︎ Heart palpitations 

✔︎ Headaches and dizziness 

✔︎ Insomnia and sleep difficulties 

✔︎ Anxiety and panic attacks 

✔︎ Fatigue and lethargy 

✔︎ Inability to concentrate and hyperactivity 

✔︎ Feeling moody or “on edge” 

✔︎ Not being able to "get it up" 

 The list goes on and on; and that’s not even counting their addictiveness comparable to illegal substances. 

Sure, they might help you manage your ADHD more effectively at first. But research and countless of cases have proven their long-term negative side effects.

And with breaking news that the USA is currently experiencing a prescription shortage, It’s pretty clear: 

America is desperate for an all-natural solution to ADHD that: 

❌  Doesn’t have side effects, even with long-term use.

❌  Doesn’t require you to take more each time to get the same effect.

✅  But still allows you get and stay focused for as long as you need it. 

🧠  While also helping increase brain health over time. 

That’s why addict turned entrepreneur, Neal Thakkar, set out to create this ADHD supplement alternative after almost losing his own life to prescriptions. 

2 years and well over 1,000 hours of research later, there is hope.

Those lucky enough to take part in the beta tests were blown away by the effects. 

Those who had struggled with procrastination and distractedness their entire lives were finally able to sit and focus for hours at a time. 

Others who couldn’t stand the debilitating withdrawals were able to make the switch seamlessly, no longer having a reason to crave the effect that was now safely replaced. 

Like one user, who after a seizure had to find an alternative to her meds: 

Or this user who now no longer has to deal with the debilitating withdrawals: 

Or this user who says it feels just like the real thing: 

30-Day Trial Still Available

How to try this formula risk-free for 30 days

While this new formula keeps selling out, Neal and his team are doing their best to get their formula in as many hands as possible. 

In fact, he recently asked his team if they could work on weekends for a short time so they could satisfy demand. The answer? A resounding “YES”.

So if you’re seeing this page, there may still be a few bottles available. Simply head over to their main website here, to check availability.

And the best part is, as of now their risk-free 30-day trial is still available. This means that if you don’t feel the difference within 30 days, you can email them for a full refund. 

You can even keep the bottles.

You have nothing to lose, except your prescriptions and their side effects. 

I hope this helps!

Olivia Helley 

I am a writer, mother to two wonderful

boys, and married to my college sweetheart. 

79,810+ Use This Every Morning For ADHD

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Expand your ability to hyperfocus

Increase your verbal fluency and memory

Rebalance motivation, focus and drive

Reduce anxiety hormones 

No withdrawals or side effects

30-Day Trial Still Available

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