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By : Neal Thakkar | September 7, 2023

Sometimes It Feels Like There’s A Thick Cloud Living In Your Brain…

Other times, it can feel like a sharper migraine, like someone is trying to crush your skull.

And sometimes it’s a feeling of “meh”...

Like your motivation took a sabbatical and you have to spend all your willpower on getting out of bed.

But one thing’s for sure:

Brain Fog Guarantees You’ll Get Nothing Done That Day.

This leaves you with MORE deadlines to tackle the next…

And a mountain of stress.

So instead of getting the deep restorative sleep you need to recover?

You get the “tossing, turning and eyes-wide-awake” kind that only makes your brain fog WORSE.

See how the cycle quickly becomes impossible to get out of?

Brain fog → Low productivity → Anxiety → Insomnia → Repeat


America runs on coffee.

But what most don’t know is that it doesn’t actually clear your brain fog!

It just blocks your brain from absorbing the “tiredness neurotransmitter”: Adenosine…

Giving you the illusion of energy.

But the Adenosine still builds up in your brain!

So the moment your coffee wears off?

All the “tired neurotransmitters” flood your brain at once…

This doesn’t just make your brain fog worse…

It Fries Your Adrenal Glands With Time!

This results in:

📉 Lower energy levels

📉 Lower quality sleep

📈 Increased stress

📈 Increased brain fog

📈 Increased dependence on caffeine just to function normally

There had to be another way.

One that is natural, doesn’t have side effects and works by improving your brain’s energy overall…

Not just giving you the illusion of it.

7 Years Ago, Brain Fog Almost Killed Me.

And I’m not exaggerating.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, I already had a more challenging time focusing.

But when I got into College, it was like someone had turned the dial up 10 times.

I had migraines every day.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep.

It Felt Like I Had The Brain Of A 90-Year-Old.

Not that I have anything against seniors…

But I was 24 for goodness sake!

I didn’t have a functional brain by any means.

So I doubled down on my Adderall prescription and coffee dependence…

And one day my world went black.

I woke up an indefinite amount of time later being told I had just had a seizure. At 24.

By God’s grace, I had been given another chance.

So I made it my mission to find a natural way to end my brain fog for good.

That’s when quickly I stumbled across the world of nootropics:

Ingredients That Clear Brain Fog Naturally

Instead of coffee, energy drinks and Adderall that just flood your brain with fake energy…

Nootropics work by helping your cells produce energy from within.

You’re Not Masking Your Brain Fog - You’re Eliminating The Root Of The Problem: Slow Mitochondria!

Your body is made up of about 30 trillion cells.

And each cell has an energy center called Mitochondria.

When you’re young and healthy, your mitochondria runs on full blast.

But as a natural part of aging, your mitochondria get slower.

The result is your classic brain fog.

That’s where nootropics come in:

Without going too much into the science, different nootropics work on different parts of mitochondrial function…

Helping them work more efficiently and age slower.

I knew I had found my answer…

I Consulted Top Neuroscientists, Formulators And Experts For Over A Year.

And came out with the only one with 12 active nootropics inside (the average supplement has about 5).


Boost focus, memory.

Build stress resilience.

Lift mood, well-being.

Green tea extract

Enhance focus, memory.

Cut anxiety, stress relief.

Guard against chronic disease.


Enhance focus, memory.

Control metabolism, immunity.

Shield against heart disease.

Panax ginseng

Enhance focus, memory.

Guard against decline.

Cut mental, physical fatigue.

Black pepper

Enhance focus, memory.

Ease anxiety, depression.

Fight brain aging.

Vitamin B12

Enhance focus, memory.

Sustain nerve cells.

Guard against decline.


Enhance focus, memory.

Boost cognitive skills.

Raise brain dopamine.

Alpha lipoic acid

Enhance focus, memory.

Shield against disease.

Cut inflammation, stress.

Alpha GPC

Enhance focus, memory.

Boost drive, motivation.

Aid learning.

Phenylethylamine HCI

Enhance focus, memory.

Boost dopamine, mood.

Raise alertness, energy.

N-acetyl L-carnitine

Enhance focus, memory.

Shield, restore brain cells.

Boost mental energy, endurance.


Enhance focus, memory.

Fight Alzheimer's, diabetes.

Boost physical, mental vigor.

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