Fat Loss RULES, Efficient Energy Usage, and Principles of Performance-based Nutrition | w. Tim English

Fat Loss RULES, Efficient Energy Usage, and Principles of Performance-based Nutrition | w. Tim English

Tim English Tim English is a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and bodybuilding coach. He has a portfolio of over 100 athletes and has competed across all different federations, having finished under the top 5, two times. He has even more body transformations, with dozens of his clients losing more than 50 lbs. Tim English helps us uncover the immutable facts we need to act on and how to navigate a the myths we hear all too often.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [1:50] Tim’s most recent success in bodybuilding prep 
  • [4:05] Who is a typical personal training or bodybuilding coaching client 
  • [6:43] The real challenge with fad diets like the ketogenic diet 
  • [10:30] Why “everyone is different” just doesn’t cut it as an excuse 
  • [11:20] What is a go-to principle Tim applies at the very least 
  • [11:40] How does Tim English evaluate diets on a high level 
  • [13:20] How to apply a caloric deficit correctly to maximize results that many people overlook 
  • [15:45] The science of why more isn’t always better 
  • [19:25] The dangers of social media to your weight loss goals 
  • [23:30] How to play defense against a plethora of wrong information, especially on social media 
  • [25:00] The most immutable principles of fat loss you can take advantage of right now 
  • [26:00] Surprising overlooked stress mitigators that can make our break your weight loss program 
  • [29:00] One key piece of advice for controlling your blood sugar 
  • [31:00] Why knowing your motivation for following through a weight loss matters (hint: it’s not the weight loss) 
  • [33:00] Why you need to be careful with IIFYM 
  • [34:00] The challenge of moderation, balance and cheat meals 
  • [38:20] What’s the first step to making the leap 
  • [42:00] Listen to Tim roast Neal

Mentioned Resources

Exogenous Ketones - Achieve fast and effortless ketosis with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, BHB Salts

Trimming the Fat eCourse - Science based Fat-Loss Education featuring a pocket personal trainer, resources, trackers and guides.

@everycaloriecounts - Find Tim and his team on Instagram 

EveryCalorieCounts1@gmail.com - Contact Tim via email for a chance to get one on one nutritional guidance



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