Noopept: The Prime Nootropic for Clarity and Focus

Noopept: The Prime Nootropic for Clarity and Focus

There’s a subtle, but chilling euphoria when the syntax of your sentences is flawless, and your word choice is impeccable. That’s probably what makes good conversation so addicting. Whether it is an insightful chat with a client I coach where I know that I said the right things at the right time to empower and invigorate him, or it is me playfully flirting with my girlfriend making her cheeks rosy red because of my charisma and flow, there is something to be said that feels just oh-so-good when it comes to high-performance speaking.

I was an English major in college (Along with an Economics major, with minor’s in psychology and American studies – don’t ask why or how), so inevitably, writing, communicating, and speaking were skills that I cultivated and did so with great pleasure. Throw one of my absolute favorite Nootropics in the mix, Noopept, and the right words always came out at the right time, EVERY SINGLE SENTANCE. Noopept, scientifically known as N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester is a moderately strong nootropic with mild stimulatory properties and very little toxicology.


  • Through long term supplementation, increases in Nerve Growth Factor have been shown in studies. NGF is a protein that is involved with the generation of new neurons meaning potential long-term benefits to memory.
  • Noopept has been shown to acutely increase memory recall, which can explain my improvement in verbal fluency; I can quickly remember the right words at the right time to express my thoughts.
  • Improves Short Term Focus
  • Increases BDNF, which stands for brain-derived-neurotrophic factor, which works similarly to NGF in helping support existing neurons, and encourages the growth of new ones.
  • Increases feelings of wakefulness
  • Potentiates other nootropics


How does it work? Noopept has 4 distinct mechanisms of action:

  • In vitro studies of Noopept have shown signs that it operates on an antioxidative mechanism of action which protects neurons from apoptosis, which is cell death. In English: protects brain cells from dying. [S]
  • Noopept works through the inhibition of glutamate neurotoxicity
  • Noopept works to increase neuronal plasticity. Neuronal plasticity or neuroplasticity is an umbrella term that refers to the brains ability to change throughout a human’s life. By increasing this malleability, noopept provides the brain to respond positively to the stimuli we provide, aka, learn and focus better.
  • Noopept works to increase expression of phenylacetic acid, proplyglycine, and cyclo-prolyglycine in the brain, which are endogenous Nootropics, or cognitive enhancers. [S]



Dose it at 10 – 30 mg/day, according to most sources (30 mg is what I traditionally used), and you will feel sharper, slightly more alert, your sensory perception enhanced a bit, and your verbal fluency unmatched. [S]



Many users, including myself suggest that Noopept works very well with Aniracetam, a mild nootropic in the ampakine family that has many anxiolytic effects. Noopept as a standalone is stimulatory and slightly anxiolytic. With aniracetam, verbal fluency and feelings of sociability are greatly increased, and from my experience along with those of others, it seems like the two compounds potentiate each other. I usually try to get a choline source, whether it is alpha-GPC in supplemental form, or a whole lot of eggs whites in the morning. Regardless on whether you stack noopept with other potentiating compounds, or take it on it's own, it would be in your favor as a the high-impact individual that you are to give it a try.


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