Mindset Shifts for a Healthy America ft. Lenny Morneau

Mindset Shifts for a Healthy America ft. Lenny Morneau

Dr. Lenny Morneau is a competitive body builder and a medical resident in Radiology. This episode sheds light on the impact our health has on the state of healthcare and how to use exercise to our maximize our performance outside of just the gym.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [1:45] - Applying time management to work on both his bodybuilding and his medical career 
  • [3:40] - Using exercise to enhance his performance at medical school 
  • [5:15] - Defining clarity and how Lenny optimizes clarity at the gym to improve his work at medical school
  • [7:40] - Lenny's observation of brain degeneration from unhealthy habits in his radiology scans
  • [9:30] - Lenny’s experience and academic insights on alcohol on his physical and cognitive performance
  • [13:15] - The challenges to modern healthcare and what we should do to change it
  • [21:30] - Lenny shares his perspective on how we can change America being “too sick” and alleviate the 2 trillion dollar burden
  • [24:00] - How we can help others change their mindset to make America more healthy?
  • [26:00] - How do people reach the state of no return and what you can do when you’re there?
  • [29:30] - The first step to do, from a medical standpoint, to do when you’re in a rut
  • [31:50] - How does Lenny eat to reach his bodybuilding and medical school goals and one of his most successful strategies?
  • [35:30] - Lenny shares his own macro ratio he uses to reach his bodybuilding goals
  • [37:10] - Lenny’s peak performance protocol
  • [40:00] - “It’s easier when you have a clear goal and once you reach your goal - set another one” 
  • [41:00] - Lenny roasts Neal
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